We had the 400,the 400Hethel edition,the Sports 410,the GT430,and the GT 430 sports yet though lotus didn’t shy from calling this a new car.

Anyways here we are with the EVORA GT410 TADDAA!!!. It comes with 3.5 litres supercharged V6 that produces 410hp. The top speed is 186mph. This will not not be very mischievous in bad weather thanks to michelin pilot sports 4s all weather tires.

The GT410 costs £3000 less than the GT410 sports and according to lotus this represents excellent value for money. YEAAHH!!

Despite the additions of air-con,sparco sports seats, a reversing camera, premium infotainment system, and armrests but weighs still as sports.

You can get this car with a 6 speed manual gearbox. It also comes with a revised suspension setup for a slightly softer ride and a new rear tailgate for better visibility on offer as well. The exterior colours have also been given a revamp.

Now about the price. This lotus costs about £82,900. Mmmm value for money. Really lotus? For the same price you can buy a Porsche 718 Cayman GTS. Now what will you buy?

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