If you remember watching BACK TO THE FUTURE from early 80’s you will surely recognize this as a time travelling machine. Yes the movie made the DMC-12 an icon of the 80’s. Even a V8 model has been planned but DMC was not in it’s best financial condition and due to some few scandals the company disappeared from the history. But you know what, Delorean DMC-12 will be back in production again.

Back in 2016, Delorean announced that they will launch the DMC-12 as a limited run model thanks to the low volume motor vehicle manufacturer act which was passed in 2015. The act allowed small companies to build 325 cars per year without having to comply with modern safety regulations. Obviously the plan was never materialised as the NHTSA failed to submit the guidelines for it. Nevertheless, SEMA sued the NHTSA,prodding them to release the regulations,and thankfully,the act was released in late 2019.

James Espey,the vice president of the Delorean motor company confirmed to Hagerty that plans are underway to produce a fully updated version of the legendary DMC-12. The car will be built from a mix of new-old-stock and brand new parts,thanks to the Delorean motor company’s vast inventory of 3.5 million OEM parts .

Not a lot about specs is known but yes there are some planned changes known. Firstly there would be a new power train producing 350 hp which is a hell lot more than original’s 130hp V6. Ofcourse with bigger engine bigger wheels and brakes will come. Further ABS and traction control will be added. But rather than the Spartan interior it will come with luxurious interior with heated/cooled seats navigation, Bluetooth and mobile connectivity. The price is estimated to be $1,00,000 and less than 2 cars will be produced per week which means it may be a fine masterpiece.

The DMC would be a petrol powered vehicle, DMC stated that electric power train is something that they will consider in future.

At the end it was a vehicle that everyone admired from their childhood and would love to see it coming back to life. Personally it’s a car which was lost in the past but that is needed to be lightened back for future.

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